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One Song Glory - Falling Leaves

The Musical Stage Company

A scene from Alaina's production of One Song Glory - Falling Leaves
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Production details


With a shared love for musical theatre, One Song Glory brought together 42 participants from across Canada as part of this fully subsidized training program. Throughout this 6 week intensive, creative youths have worked with artistic industry leaders and immersed themselves in a world of storytelling through music with writing & song composition workshops, masterclasses on design, and more - resulting in 6 new original songs.

Falling Leaves, reminds us that although we may experience pain and heartbreak, that the seasons will continue to change and time moves forward into better days that we can look forward to.

Creative Team

  • Mateo Chavez Lewis, Composer & Music Director
  • Alaina Viau, Director
  • Alan Cui, Video Designer & Editor
  • Elliot Gibson, Isabella Strazzeri, Joelle Bruyere, Kristen Pabello, Rose Xu, Tamika Roberts, Vera Dunlop-Vaillancourt, Participants

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