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The Museum of the Lost and Found

Commissioned and Produced by Loose Tea Music Theatre

Stage Performance

A scene from Alaina's production of The Museum of the Lost and Found
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Production details


When items from the Lost and Found box don’t return home, are they forgotten or believed to be lost forever? When a person is lost or missing, when do we stop looking for them? This opera focuses on a fictional museum in the woods whose exhibits are items from various Lost and Found boxes. You can only visit if invited. While the story focuses on the weirdness of the tour guide and the exhibits, in reality, it is an allegory about how Western society treats missing person cases (specifically MMIWG2S: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People).

Creative Team

  • Olivia Shortt, Composer and Librettist
  • Alaina Viau, Co-creator

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